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Wall Street Journal: Econ is a Hot Major
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  GCSU Undergraduate Catalog
 [When choosing your course schedules, keep in mind that orientation (e.g., BIDS 1705, ECON 0001) and activity courses (e.g., bowling, scuba, tennis, jogging) CANNOT be used to satisfy the 120 credit hour requirement.]

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  Getting into grad school (or getting a job)
Student Organizations
  Economics Club (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scafidi)
  Omicron Delta Epsilon (
ODE) (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Arias)
  Pictures of Economics Students at "official" department functions

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News & Announcements:

Dr. Chris Clark is the academic advisor for ECON majors.
Dr. Ben Scafidi is the advisor for the Economics Club.
Dr. JJ Arias is the advisor for ODE.



For more information on the economics program at GC&SU, contact Ken Farr.
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